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All orders of marketing materials aggregated and harmonised by one made-to-measure platform. Affordable and brand-consistent marketing materials across all regions.

unified procurement
streamlined processes
savings of time 
and resources
Insights into the platform – laptop, tablet and phone.
higher chance of reaching minimum order quantity
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What do you get with My Source Hub?

Procurement manager illustration.
Procurement Manager
  • streamlined procurement processes that are easier to manage
  • savings on time, money and people
  • detailed overview of all marketing purchases and thorough reports
Brand / Marketing manager illustration.
Brand / Marketing Manager
  • brand-consistent marketing materials for all regions
  • the chance to overview the quality of all marketing materials
  • high-quality products — either developed by us or by your chosen suppliers
CEO / CFO illusstration.
  • harmonised procurement & easier management
  • considerable savings — both financial and HR-wise
  • brand consistency and recognisability in any location



The setup of several Ordering Windows helps with our planning and managing deadlines. Spend and saving reports are available in couple of minutes, which is great for the efficiency of our teams.
Ivana Honzikova
Global Category Manager, Carlsberg Group
Using this platform has saved us a lot of time and manpower resources. Our full global portfolio is easily accessible to all markets and it’s very user-friendly. It supports growing and maintaining our brand identity.
Ivana Honzikova
Global Category Manager, Carlsberg Group

Effortless Sourcing for your Brands


Real Time Order Status at the First Glance

Marketing materials are sourced during regular ordering windows. Their frequency and duration is set in course of the implementation process of My Source Hub, according to your needs and requirements. 

While an ordering window is open, every user can see in real time:

  • logistics costs to final destination,
  • estimated delivery time,
  • overview of all POSM orders,
  • aggregated orders for each item,
  • wether the MOQ is being reached or not,
  • savings on each item based on aggregated quantities.

This allows the purchase manager to adjust their order at the end of each ordering window, taking into account reduced prices, removing or swapping items that didn’t reach minimal order quantity. Procurement gets more efficient, budgets are efficiently used. 

In addition, My Source Hub serves as a standing offer with selected POSM all year round. The catalogue contains high-quality pictures, detailed product data and other important parameters.

High-Quality Marketing Materials since 1992

We have 30+ years of experience in producing marketing materials for big brands around the world. Such as Coca-Cola or Pilsner Urquell.

We have a broad supplier portfolio. We guarantee premium quality, transparent prices and reasonable delivery times.

We never stop coming up with new ideas for innovative POSM. We’re open to suggestions. In case our client requires a certain supplier, we add them to our suppliers list.

Unifying Platform for Global Companies

One-size-fits-all sourcing platform for companies from various industries is a fantasy. Our approach is different: we customise My Source Hub platform for each client. We know you need a quick solution — our implementation process can be completed in under 4 months. We toned our expertise on large projects — our clients are international beverage companies like Carlsberg or Asahi.

My Source Hub can be used to streamline POSM purchases on different levels:

  • Local purchase managers order POSM via the platform. We take care of production and delivery to chosen locations.
  • The platform is used to collect all POSM orders. Our client then manages the production and delivery.
  • My Source Hub is used to collect POSM orders, which our client hands over to their suppliers. Once POSM are produced, we step back in to handle the delivery process.

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Case Study

Carlsberg Group

My Source Hub Reduced Costs of Marketing Materials by 33% and Provided a Fixed Delivery Date.

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Tips on Merchandise Buying

Which merch is the perfect match?

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